An Introduction

If you’re like me… you’re tired… you’re tired of everything… you’re tired of the lies told by the powerful… whether we talk media or politicians… They are all screwing us… I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat… you’re getting screwed by your party… I’m not saying that they don’t have their differences with their values but anyone who can step aside and look from the outside in… they will say fuck the both of them.

We are seeing in broad day light… them allowing big companies to rob us…rob us of taxes, under pay us and then… be told no need for your taxes we’ll take this schmucks taxes. Aren’t you fed up with a system that places profits over people? Then distracts us with a 2 party system that devastates the population…

I believe in humanity… I believe in people… I want people to be able to have food, water, housing, education, and medical… all of us. If you want to call me a commie fine… Do it. I simply don’t give a shit to appease you with the notion that we don’t all deserve to live. I believe in human dignity and decency. Yes I’m traditional leftist that believes that capitalism isn’t working as structured. This system from taxes to businesses are designed the give wealth to the wealthy and eliminate it from the working class.

Just because I believe everyone deserves dignity doesn’t mean I feel we don’t all have to work in our society… I believe we should all contribute to society… and I’m not even saying there shouldn’t be smaller houses and bigger houses… all I’m saying is we all deserve a life beyond what exists now… we should be in a renaissance era… we should be free to do more than ever before but instead we have the highest Under Employment in history. Medical and housing is a joke… with bankruptcy influenced by medical a major issue.. 46% of American’s can’t afford a $400 emergency cost.

I’m going to point out the absurdities of Modern America for the mass population…. while you are taught to worship the system… it’s time we talk about how the system is harming us… not helping us… It’s time we make everyone contribute to the system… it’s time to make sure we all have a life of dignity and start demanding we be given it… rather than being told “there isn’t enough”. I would like to point out the Clear Shame of this entire situation… the Clear Shame of the lies… and the bull shit we get fed everyday… from the so called “leaders” of this country.

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