Fraud: Our Elected Officials & Media

What the hell is wrong with everyone? A man loses 2 elections in a row for the popular vote by a combined 10 million votes and there is actually people arguing he deserves to be in office?

Our elected officials that claim “fraud” should be told to resign from office, if you don’t trust the election, then we can’t trust the results that placed you in office. We can’t trust that you personally didn’t manipulate it to win. So if you’re sitting here babbling about fraud… Resign you’re most likely there because of fraud… we can’t trust that you deserve to be there…

So let’s go ahead and require those who don’t trust the voice of the people to leave office. There has been no evidence of massive voter fraud, there have been debunked story after story… and the star witness for Ghouliani was known for harassing her boyfriend’s ex-wife with home made porn… hardly the stand up character that seemed to drunkenly state all these asinine statements… it’s nice though because it was so absurd you’d think it was satire… even SNL couldn’t top it…

What on flat earth is the US coming to when even folks who won their elections say we can’t trust the elections? Like are these fools for real? “I won my election but we can’t trust the result.”

Folks want a re-do on shit they won… The media is busy perpetuating the asinine story and thus giving it love so they can make a buck to appease their viewers… the truth is the truth and if we don’t like the truth that most of us fucking hate Donald Trump, that’s on you. Trump folks think they’re the only supporters there are… I’m not here to argue about how great Biden is… frankly fuck him too…. but this notion that we’re happy with a man who hasn’t gave a shit about the 2000 folks dying a day as much as lying to the American people about this “massive voter fraud” that hasn’t fucking existed is bullshit…

If you’re cool with America becoming a third world country where a man gets to demand to stay in power… move to one of the fucking countries that has that… if you want a democratic country where the voice of the people matters then you can’t keep on about this bull shit… judges have thrown it out… republican officials have confirmed the results…. and they voted for Chump… Start giving a shit about what your fellow American wants or get out… and stop telling us if we don’t like it leave… we can want a better America… that’s not fucking wrong… wrong is saying people deserve to starve because the work in the fast food business… Wrong is protesting an election because you disagree with the results, either you want democracy or you want a fascist dictatorship… make a damn decision… and if you want that… that’s contrary to the constitution.

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