Human Decency: Is America without it?

I got in an argument with a man who spoke 5 languages… had 2 PHDs about the nature of capitalism in America… He was a brilliant man when it came to his area of expertise… very educated. We spoke about the state of the economics in the nation… he said it’s the greatest it’s ever … More

The Issue with Sides: My Guy vs your Guy or Right vs Wrong?

As I argued with a liberal earlier today I realized how they’re not much different than conservatives, I knew this pretty much, they stand in different spots on some cultural issues but in the grand scheme of their rigid nature, their lack of compassion for humanity… they choose to defends “sides” not stand for right … More

Fraud: Our Elected Officials & Media

What the hell is wrong with everyone? A man loses 2 elections in a row for the popular vote by a combined 10 million votes and there is actually people arguing he deserves to be in office? Our elected officials that claim “fraud” should be told to resign from office, if you don’t trust the … More

An Introduction

If you’re like me… you’re tired… you’re tired of everything… you’re tired of the lies told by the powerful… whether we talk media or politicians… They are all screwing us… I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat… you’re getting screwed by your party… I’m not saying that they don’t have their differences … More

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