The Issue with Sides: My Guy vs your Guy or Right vs Wrong?

As I argued with a liberal earlier today I realized how they’re not much different than conservatives, I knew this pretty much, they stand in different spots on some cultural issues but in the grand scheme of their rigid nature, their lack of compassion for humanity… they choose to defends “sides” not stand for right or wrong… Stop defending sides… defend good… defend the right things… defend morals.

The issue with Dems is they’re always comparing to Repubs, and vice versa… it’s a pointless argument when both of them are wrong…. saying I’m more right then you is the equivalent of saying well 5+ 10 is 13 and saying well I got closer than the guy who said 12… you’re still wrong and wrong is wrong. It’s like those folks that say “you can leave the country if you don’t like it, it’s worse in this country.” If you’re argument for a better country is it can be worse… you don’t have an argument… plain and simple.

Let’s put this bluntly, Republicans and Democrats are both trash. They both get their funds from the same guys, they both vote for the same shit… I had a conservative tell me today I want my politicians to be independently wealthy so they can’t be corrupted… I was like I want them to be public servants… I want them to be working class so they represent the regular population… the politicians are all wealthy folks who are so out of touch with the American working class because they’re millionaires… how the hell do they know what the struggle of the American people are, they have no clue what it’s like to be paycheck to paycheck.

Stop defending your team… and start holding them accountable. I don’t care if you’re a republican or democrat… you’re wrong… because they’re both garbage… Biden, Obama, and Trump have one thing in common they are all trash. None of them care about the American people. You saying Trump did this well Obama did that… or Obama did this but Trump did that is a losing argument… you’re literally arguing for stupidity…

Saying Obama is better than Trump is like saying you took a bigger shit than the last guy as a point of pride…. it’s pointless and stupid and makes zero sense… If you feel the same about Trump… you’re the same as your counter part… both guys are garbage. Until you realize that they both did more to protect money then people you are brainwashed.

The moment your on the side of good because the “side you choose” then your wrong… wrong and right isn’t about sides in the aspect of politics… you don’t get to say well he’s a democrat or republican so he is good… policies that represent the people… Understanding that we need politicians who represent the will of the people not the will of the money. I can list off a dozen things each side has done just this week negotiating a stimulus… or with the election… but it doesn’t matter. You know it’s morally wrong for people to die daily, you know it’s wrong for us to have miles and hours of food lines, you know it’s wrong that people are dying of diseases because they can’t afford the medicine… you know this system is wrong… and these politicians aren’t here for us. It’s obvious… start looking at your own party and yell at them the same as you yell at the other population… ask questions on why they had a bail out for business but not the people.

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